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We have the expertise to help every homeowner realize their vision


WE DESIGN has extensive expertise in design team management and trade coordination, from conception through the design process,

 including estimation and buy-out to construction and post-construction, plus turn-key services. Known for attention to detail, a positive attitude, effective communication, and a passion for the architectural community. Our designers work closely with homeowners, industry partners, and general contractors to provide the best design, materials, fabrication, and finishes for every project.

Always striving to keep up to date with industry standards, new products, and design trends, specializing in residential remodel and high-end custom interiors, we have the expertise to help every homeowner realize their vision.



  • Spatial Planning to create optimized floor plans that use the space efficiently.

  • Creation of Construction Documents  in collaboration with industry partners and/or homeowners.

  • CAD Drafting to help visualize the space before any construction takes place and to ensure accuracy.

  • Pre-Construction Consultation because every project is unique as is every homeowner and contractor.

  • Interior Design Consultation and Guidance for residential remodel and/or custom cabinetry and fixtures.

  • Interior Design with experience in custom furnishings, window treatments, cabinetry, windows and doors, tile work and other hard surface design.

  • Artistic Transformations to add those final personalized touches through interior decorating to enliven the space and make it truly yours. 

  • Budget and Timeline Management because we believe in transparency throughout the process and respecting your time and money.

  • Pre-, During-, and Post-Construction Photography to capture the dramatic transformation. Also helpful for general contractors to help showcase your work.

Our services include:

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